Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Canada
Gay Friendly Montreal is world-famous for its vibrant gay scene, fabulous nightlife, a truly cosmopolitan population, and the
biggest Gay Village in North America. A great place to live and a Fabulous place to visit!    
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Canada is one of the most enlightened, gay-friendly countries in the world - a truly gay-welcoming place, and a must visit for gay tourists.

Canada is one of the few countries on the planet to provide FULL legal rights for same sex couples - including the right to get married.
Thousands of same sex couples from the USA are moving to Canada where they have full legal rights and are treated with respect.

Our Gay Friendly Guide to Canada will help you get the most from your visit.
We name the best gay-friendly cities, we explore Canada's world-famous gay-villages, and we help you choose genuine gay-friendly accommodation.

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Gay Friendly Vancouver
Vancouver enjoys a truly spectacular location between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains.
It also boast two wonderful gay villages.
Davie Village offers a huge variety of gay bars, clubs hotels, gay restaurants, gay shops etc.
And Commercial Drive (The Drive) is home to Vancouver's thriving lesbian community.    more...
Gay Friendly Ottawa
Ottawa is Canada's lovely, sophisticated capital city. Here you'll find culture and art to satisfy every taste. Plus a truly cosmopolitan
population, great ethnic dining opportunities, and in winter, the longest ice-rink in the world!

Ottawa is also a welcoming city for gay and lesbian travellers - with much to offer.
Gay Friendly Toronto
Toronro's Church Wellesley Gay Village is renowned for its fantastic night-life. But it also has gay bookstores, gay accommodation,
theaters and much, much more.
And Toronto also boasts another gay attraction - Queer West Village, which has a totally different vibe.
Whatever rings your bell - you'll find it in Torronto.