Independent Gay Friendly Travel Guide
New Zealand is the most beautiful country on
the planet - and is officially gay-friendly, with
no less than 14 government supported LGBT
tourism regions scattered across the country.

New Zealand has a well organised network
of gay-owned and gay-friendly
tourism-related businesses, including
hotels, adventure holidays, eco-tours,
sailing, kayaking, white-water rafting, skiing,
and tons more. A MUST visit!

gay friendly guide to new zealand
Australia is a fabulous place to
visit - and despite it's ignorant,
homophobic reputation, it has
some terrific gay scenes.

Sydney and Melbourne are
renowned as a gay meccas,
Cairns, pictured left, has a
perfect tropical setting - and
some fabulous gay-only places
to stay and play.

gay friendly australia
South America is often
overlooked as a gay-friendly
destination - but it shouldn't be.

Buenos Aires is one of the
world's most sophisticated and
stylish gay attractions.

Rio is hot hot hot  - 24/7.
Colombia has plenty of gay
action too - especially in Bogota.

gay friendly south america
Asia is changing fast. A few years ago
homosexuality was illegal all over Asia.
But these days the pink dollar/euro/pound is
opening doors in the most unlikely places.

Nepal, where gay was illegal 3 years ago is
now being touted as the next queer mecca.
There are legal gay scenes in China, Japan,
Thailand, Vietnam, and The Philippines.
Our guide will tell you more...

gay friendly guide to asia
The Pacific offers island paradise
after island paradise  but not all of
them are queer tropical heaven.

Homosexuality is illegal in several
Pacific states, while in others it is
heavily frowned upon and the
natives can be extremely hostile.

Choose the right destinations,
and the pacific is truly fabulous.
gay friendly pacific islands
The Caribbean has a well-deserved
reputation for being homophobic - Jamaica
and Barbados are no-go areas for gay men.

But there are plenty of gay-friendly
alternatives if you know where to look.

The American Virgin Islands, and the former
French and Dutch islands in the Caribbean
are welcoming, friendly, and open-minded.

gay friendly guide to the caribbean
The world is our oyster - not all of it just yet - but we're getting there!
The tourism industry is waking up to the fact that queers have careers - and money to spend.
They'll happily take our wonga - but will they treat us with the respect we deserve?
Our independent guide will point you towards the best gay-friendly destinations on the planet.